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Appliance Repair California has many years of Appliance Repairs and servicing experience in the San Diego area. We offer no service call fee with paid repair. Founded ten years ago, we started the company with the goal of providing excellent service to our customers with compelling value for San Diego appliance repairs services.

We service most brands of appliances and have a reputation for some of the most experienced technicians in the industry.

Our award-winning and factory trained repair technicians carry an extensive inventory of mechanical parts that make any fix it repair quick and easy. Our goal is to provide our customers with the utmost service and value


Making Sure You Select A Quality Appliance Repair San Diego Service

You are frantically searching through the Yellow pages, looking through hundreds of ads for Appliance Repair San Diego technicians. All of the ads look exactly the same but you need to make a decision quick because having a broken appliance can be quiet debilitating.

How do you truly know which company provides great service and which company is nothing more than a bunch of scam artists?

All appliance repair companies claim that they do a great job and most of them have tons of “real” testimonials to show you but there are many important qualities that set appliance repair San Diego companies apart. We hope that our articles will guide you in finding a truly great service so you can fix your appliance as soon as possible and get back to your life.

Are You Talking To An Appliance Repair San Diego Answering Service?

A lot of Appliance Repair San Diego Companies get very large and switch to an answering service. Whenever you call one of these services you will be talking to a person who works for another corporation, most likely lives overseas and has no vested interest in helping you as a customer. They will most likely have no knowledge about the workings of a dishwasher or a refrigerator. However, the biggest problem with these types of services is that they are only interested in booking appointments and nothing else. An appliance repair San Diego answering service only gets paid when a customer places an order; they are not interested in giving you advice that will steer you away from a service call. If you tell them that you have a broken $20 toaster that is not working well; they will most likely still try to schedule a service call instead of telling you that it makes much more sense to buy a new toaster.

The other big problem you might encounter when it comes to dealing with an appliance repair answering services is that if there is ever a problem after your repair is completed; you will only get to talk to a messenger. When there is a problem like a broken refrigerator, the situation needs to be resolved as quickly as possible unless you want to lose hundreds of dollars in produce. If you are talking to someone who works for the company and explain your situation, then you might be able to get someone to your house ASAP because they have the power to put priority on a call and move around the technician’s schedule. An answering service will treat your call like any other call because they hold no power within the actual Appliance Repair San Diego Company.

How Long Has The Appliance Repair San Diego Company Been In Business?

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on fixing your broken appliance and then calling your appliance repair San Diego service just a short month later only to find that the service that you dealt with is no longer around. All repair companies will offer the customer a warranty on parts and labor. The warranty will usually last longer than a month or two. That means if your repaired appliance starts experiencing the same problem within the span of the warranty, the appliance repair service will come out and fix the problem without the customer spending any more money


Whenever a customer calls back with the same problem, the appliance repair Irvine provider issues a recall and the technician is obligated to go back and fix it. Every technician is perfectly capable of starting their own appliance repair Irvine service but a lot of times they do it simply as a gig on the side. So when you are hiring techs to come out without the backinlong-standing company, you are taking a risk that your warranty will not be honored if there is a recall. That is precisely the reason why you should make sure that you are dealing with a company that has been in business many years. I personally would not deal with a service that has been around for less than 10 years. You should always ask how long has the service been around and you should also ask how long has the appliance repair Irvine technician has been with the company.

What Questions Should I Ask?

Your first question should always be “Am I talking to an Appliance Repair San Diego answering service?” If they tell you that you are not talking to an answering service you should find out about their role and tenure with the company. I have encountered many answering services that are trained to deny their role. Ask them tough technical questions to make they know what they are talking about. If they seem very confused, most likely you are talking to a service. Hang up and call the next service on your list. Most appliance repair Irvine providers are capable of making a repair, but you really want to make sure that your contact within that company is a real person who will really talk to you and help you instead of simply trying to make a sale.

We service major appliance brands including

Kenmore, Admiral, Westinghouse, Amana, Bosch, Coldspot, Frigidaire, General Electric (GE), Hotpoint, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, LG, Speed Queen, Tappan, Thermador, True, White Westinghouse, Magic Chef, Maytag, Miele, Whirlpool, Norge, Sub-Zero and many others. We specialize in washer & dryer repair services.

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If you have any Appliance Services Repairing needs and you are wondering who is going to fix my appliance? Then switch off the appliance power, turn off the water and natural gas (if any) then call us. You should not attempt to fix an appliance at your property – unless you are a trained repair professional. For Appliance Repair San Diego call the experts at Appliance Repair California(818) 854-7678